Monday, September 7, 2009

Waiting it out.

Hello friends,

We are just waiting it out until Oct. 13 when David begins this whole process with the pre-op appointment. In the meantime, he has received some very sweet cards, seen movies on brain surgery, watching intently, and remained his sweet, content, and ornery self.

Here is a great article I just ran across that gives some good insight into Dystonia and the surgery.
Please read it and pass it on to others so Dystonia can become a household word and a cure will be that much closer!

Click for the Dystonia and DBS article.

Thank you so much!

1 comment:

  1. Wow that article gives some exciting news of hope for loved ones who have Dystonia. I know the breakthrough must encourage scientist who labor in the area of health imporovement, to see a breakthrough helping people with Dystonia who previously they could not help. I know your labor Dayna in GNLD has brought health solutions to a number of people who were wanting help in facing their health challenges that effected them and their loved ones. I am glad God is letting your family reap this medical breakthrough to help David's health challenge. It increased my excitement in looking forward to David's operation. Most of all reading that article reminds me of the excitement one day Christians will experience of the greatest health breakthrough ever, when we get to heaven and recieve the total solution to every health problem.

    Will continue to pray for David, your family and the operation.