Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Friends,
We have some tentative dates now for David's DBS surgery. If the insurance goes through, here is the schedule:
  1. Around Oct. 13 - Pre-Op- This appointment will be to draw blood and test him to make sure he is in top shape for sugery.
  2. Oct 27th - Stage One - They will measure his head for the "star" that will be made to fit David's head exactly. Then they will put 4 tiny screws in his head. This is an outpatient procedure.
  3. Nov. 4th - Stage Two - The actually surgery to implant the leads into his brain. He will stay over night or possibly 2 nights.
  4. Nov. 16 - Stage three - This is when they will implant the battery pack in his chest.
A month later we will return to Vanderbilt for the dr. to "turn David on". This will be his first setting and he will truly be able to say that he is "battery operated"!

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts! So many of you have asked about David and his surgery. It means so much to us. Please be in prayer that the insurance will go through in a timely way without any glitches.
Thanks again!
Dayna and family

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