Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from Nashville!

Hello friends!

We just returned from Vanderbilt where we met with Dr. Neumat, the surgeon, and Dr. Phibbs, the neurologist. They took their time with us and answered all our questions. They said that there were about 10 different doctors and specialists in the meeting when they reviewed David's case and all felt that the surgery could benefit him. We're feeling more comfortable and confident that this is the way to go for David. After signing several forms, we got the scheduling process started. We should hear from the scheduler on Mon. or Tues. If we don't run into any snags with the insurance, David will probably start the surgery process in Sept. or Oct. He seems ok with it. We've talked to him several times about it and even went to some youtube videos with him. Thanks for following the process with us! We covet your prayers!


  1. Hey Dayna, David and Marshall,
    I love your blog! I'll keep all of you in my prayers - I think we are all about to witness a miracle!!
    Love You,

  2. I'm a friend of Rachel's and just visited your blog. Thanks for sharing part of David's story. We will be following your journey and praying for David's surgery.
    He is faithful!
    Emily Casto

  3. My admiration goes out to you Dayna, Marshall and everyone of your children in how you have handled being intrusted with such a unique and tough situation. Most families are fall apart because some members of the family are not willing to hang in their and persever in tough situation like you have faced.

    It is great seeing David be so cheerful. What an example for all of us. I know he does not stay joyful all the time, but who does. Every time he chooses to be cheerful should challenge all of us to not give in to the trails we face.

    I know your daily perserverance over these years has been a team effort that starts with Marshall and Dayna but also includes you children needing to handle it's effect on their daily lives also. I am glad God can reward each of you every time you have choosen to not give into negative responses but instead done your part to perserver in being a positive support to David. May you continue to store up treasures in heaven in handling this situaiton He has entrusted to you.

    My prayers are with you,
    Lawrence Clark