Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pre - Op and The Doctors

Hello friends!
Pre-op went well yesterday, although they did have to stick David 3 times to get enough blood! He was a real trooper! My main concern right now is that he will stay healthy and well over the next several weeks so we won't have to reschedule the surgeries. I'm even considering keeping him out of school so he won't be around as much sickness. Here is a reminder of the surgery dates:

Oct. 27th - Stage 1 - outpatient for screws
Nov. 4th - Stage 2 - main surgery for implanting the leads in his brain.
Nov. 16th-Stage 3 - battery implanted in his chest.


On another note, a dystonia patient has been on The Doctor's TV show recently. You can see a recording of it here:

Stay tuned! The next time I write I'll probably include a buzz hair cut picture!!
Thank you for keeping up with David and for so many who ask about him and are praying for him!
God bless you!

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