Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally Home!

It is now Sunday and I am finally getting a chance to update you . As many of you already know, we didn't go home on Thursday but stayed another night after all. David was having a hard time staying awake and being alert. I'm sure that was due, in part, to the strong pain meds they had him on. Here are some pictures of David all ready to go home. He had many wonderful nurses. I only thought to take a picture of the last one, Joey, while we were waiting to be released on Friday. Then signing the release form. Next week I'm going to try hard to remember to take a picture of Dr. Neimat. He really puts us at ease and seems to be a great doctor.

Are You The Brain Surgeon?

Speaking of Dr. Neimat, I wanted to tell you about a funny thing that happened. Not long ago we told David about the funny clip from Monty Python in the 70's (?) about the man who walks into the surgeon's office and asks if he is the brain surgeon. The surgeon says, "No! No! I'm not the brain surgeon!" Then after thinking about it for a minute he says, "Yes! Yes! I Am the brain surgeon!" David thought that was so funny. So when Dr. Neimat walked in to talk to us as they were prepping David for surgery, David pointed to his head, grinned, and said in his slow speech, "Are you the brain surgeon?" We all laughed!

We arrived home around 5:00 on Friday evening. David has gradually been getting back to his old self, watching his shows, playing computer games, and his gameboy. His appetite is also slowly coming back.

Our next trip to Nashville for Stage 3 will be on Mon. the 16th. We will be leaving next Sunday afternoon.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. It means so much knowing that there are a lot of people out there thinking about David and praying for him.
Until next Sunday!
In His Grace,


  1. Wow David! That's one powerful scar!!

  2. So glad things went well. I'll keep praying for good progress and health along the way.