Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big One!

It is Tuesday morning , Nov. 3rd. We will be aiming to leave around 3:00 this afternoon to go back to Nashville for Stage 2 , the lead implantation. The actual surgery is 2:00 tomorrow.

As with many major decisions, once we make the decision we have peace. But over time as the event gets closer, we start to doubt. I think, for me, the more informed I become with all the positive results, I also hear the negatives and then I start to overthink. But we really do believe the Lord has brought us to this decision for David.


As you may know, we've kept David completely home-bound that last few weeks. For the most part, he has done well and he hasn't caught the bugs going around. But he does miss his friends. He missed the special Masquerade Dance last Friday and was rather sad about it. I've also kept him home from his once a week Special Olympics Bowling on Mondays. Yesterday he wanted to go because it was his friend Katherine's birthday. I'm leading up to something here. David would probably love a phone call or 2 over the weekend, and I know he would love a card. Although he doesn't communicate much or well, he is fully aware.

Prayer Requests

Certainly a major praise is that David has not been sick. Also, things have been pretty calm around here. Once again, I am so thankful that Aaron is living at home right now. Although, at 17, John is quite capable of holding the fort, getting himself up and to school, and getting to bed at a reasonable time. Right? Hmmm.

Here is how we would appreciate your prayers :

1. Please pray that the doctors would place the leads in the exact right spot in David's brain. Most of the time the patient is awake and can do simple commands like "lift you right leg" to help the doctors know they've hit the right spot. But they felt like it would be better for David to be asleep and they are confident they can do it right.

2. Please pray that no infection would set in and that he wouldn't catch anything from being in the hospital.

3. Traveling safety.

4. John and Aaron.

5. Harmony and good communication for Marshall, David and me.

6. The the Lord would be honored in our lives and we would be a light for Him.

Thank you so much for joining us in this journey! We appreciate you!


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  1. We're praying!! Thanks for updating the blog.
    Love, Rachel