Friday, November 20, 2009

Relief and Fairies!

Well, it's high time I gave an update on the 'ole boy! David is doing much better since the last post. I didn't give him any pain meds yesterday. He is complaining about pain much less and farther apart. I finally got the nerve to remove the bandage on his chest this morning. The wound looks good and clean. Everything seems to be healing nicely!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of David preparing for his 3rd surgery! I finally remembered to get the camera out when Dr. Neimat came in. We are very thankful for such a great and personable doctor! Dr. Neimat makes us feel very at ease and confident. David seems to relax when he walks in the room.

Cleaning Fairies!

I didn't know there was such a thing as cleaning fairies until Monday night! They really do exist! As I started putting things up when we got home Monday, I kept noticing unusual things, like folded up blankets in the den, vacuum marks on the carpet (a very unusual site in our house!), a clean kitchen floor! But the biggest shock and give-away was my bathroom! I just about fell over when I walked in and saw it! That's when it really hit me that fairies do exist! OK. I know they weren't real fairies but some wonderful, caring friends. How blessed we are! (and VERY embarrassed!) Thank you, Lord for such friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, in case this is the last post before Thanksgiving, we hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving! Let us give thanks not only to those we love and appreciate, but especially to the One who made us and loved us and sent His Son for us.

"All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above,
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord for His love, for all His love!"

(from All Good Gifts by M. Ryan Taylor)

In His Grace and Joy,

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